Friday, April 7, 2017


Man, I'm tired this week. It must be a combination of doing the writing every night, which is fun but draining, and of catching up on sleep. Now that I've given into it, my body just seems to want more.
Still, I managed to get through the day job today. Nothing worth talking about, really. It was par for the course, and I kept my stress under control. I left and drove home, and by the time I got home I was feeling like going right to sleep.

Ate dinner and watched T.V. with the wife for a while and felt a bit better, but I still wanted to grab a book and go to bed early. I figured I'd better sit down and get some writing done.

I opened up the story and read the last line of what I'd written yesterday, and started typing. I have to tell you, that;s a great feeling, and it shows that my body and mind are adjusting to writing every day. All day, I didn't think much about the story, but I did think a few times that I couldn't wait to get back to it tonight. That's a feeling I've been missing.

I wrote for about an hour and got 1347 words, and was surprised at the story taking a new direction that I hadn't planned or anticipated. The lore of the place I'm writing about seemed to want to take over, and this character I had been playing around with went from a one-dimensional foil to a well rounded, interesting dude. What was a cliche became something not exactly original, but certainly unique to the setting of the story. The whole story became deeper and richer for what happened in writing tonight, and opened up a world of possibilities.

There was a comment that mentioned that mornings were supposed to be good for creativity. I've heard that, and even tried it out at times. What I've found is that the best thing for creativity is relentless creativity.

The more I've been writing, the easier and better I write. It doesn't matter where I write or when, so long as I have a place to go where I'll be relatively free of distraction, the writing will happen, and the quality is independent of whether I'm fresh off a good night's sleep or tired after a long day and longing for bed. The only thing that matters to the quality of my writing is that I'm mostly sober, and that I've been writing a lot. The more, the better.

The best way to get better at something is to do it a lot. It's really that simple, and applies to everything I've ever tried or heard of. If you can just get out of your own head and out of your own way and get to whatever it is you want to do, the rest will take care of itself. Show up, put in the work, reap the results.

I have a long way to go, and a ton more hours to put in before I'd even begin to call myself a "good" writer. That's okay. It doesn't matter. What does matter is I'm doing it, and I'm better at it today than I was yesterday.

I didn't finish the story tonight, and exercise continues to elude me. I have to get better at making time for that, so I'll be focusing on continuing the writing and blogging streaks, but also on making time for daily exercise. Tomorrow is Saturday, My goal for the next seven days is to exercise for at least a half hour every day. I just have to get started, and I'll gain momentum, just like with the writing.

I'm going to grab that book, now, and read until I fall asleep, which won't be long. That's fine. I feel happy.

See you tomorrow night.

Fiction word count tonight - 1347
Fiction word count April - 8594
Blog Word count tonight - 662
Blog word Count April - 4461