Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Did the work thing all day, during which I read the play, Doubt, by John Patrick Shanley. Solid piece of writing, readable in under an hour, and I enjoyed it. Not a feel good piece, not at all, as it deals with sexual abuse by a priest, but the writing is sharp and the whole play works brilliantly. I guess that's why it won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Headed to school and discussed said play, then came home and ate dinner and got in a stupid argument. No real reason for it to escalate, but it did, and that put me in a bad mood for a few hours, so I turned to Netflix for a chill pill.

Ended up watching Louis C.K.'s latest stand-up, which turned my mood around, and then figured I'd better get to writing. I didn't want to just edit, figuring I'd save it for tomorrow when I have more time, but I didn't have anything in mind to write about. So, I pulled a trick I'd learned from Dean Wesley Smith's blog and looked for a random title.

Now, Dean has a list of half-titles that he's pulled from old magazines, and he smashes them together until he finds something interesting.  have no such list, so I turned to the internet.

There are a few random title generators out there. I tried three different ones, with awful results, before I figured I'd just let my mind wander and see what it came up with.

The first thing I latched onto was the name, "Half Moon Canyon," which I thought just sounded cool. I tried to find another half for it to give it some sense of action and urgency, something that would drive me in the direction of a story. First thought was Bad Day, which turned to Last Day, which then turned to Last Ride. I ended up with Last Ride to Half Moon Canyon as my title, put it at the top of the page, and tried to come up with a character name. Once I'd gotten that, I typed it in and off I went.

I wrote for about 45 minutes and banged out 1037 words, which is a solid start for what looks like a shorter story than the last. You never know, though, or at least I don't. I know from experience that I tend towards a longer form, but I'm trying to learn to write a nice, concise short story, and I'm focusing on that a bit more this time through.

Anyway, leaving off there for the night. Kept the streak intact, got the second story started, and I'm off and running. Tomorrow I'll try to get the editing done on story #1, which is titled Fairway to Heaven. Then, in the evening, I'll continue with story #2.

As soon as I feel like Fairway is ready to go, I'll post it here for you to read.

Fiction word count tonight - 1037
Fiction word count April - 16941
Blog word count tonight - 501
Blog word count April - 5901