Sunday, April 9, 2017


I finished catching up on sleep today, staying in bed til noon. I felt more refreshed than I have in a month when I finally got up, and was pleasantly surprised to see it was a beautiful day, nearly 70 degrees and sunny.

With nothing planned today but finishing up the story, I decided to take it easy for a bit. In fact, I started browsing the internet stock image sites in search of a good image for the cover for the short story, and found a couple I like. One is perfect, but rather expensive, and probably out of my budget, so I'll probably go with the other.

I thought I'd like to do some reading on the deck while the day was nice, so I grabbed the book I started reading last night, Brooklyn, by Colm Toibin, and set myself up on the deck to get some sun.
I sat out there until almost 5:30, turning pages and just enjoying the novel. When I finally felt like I'd had enough sun, I went inside, sat down on the couch, and read til almost 7, finishing the novel in one day.

Think I enjoyed it?

I had dinner with the wife and we watched Arrival Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. Good, intelligent sci-fi flick where the aliens are really just the backdrop piece, and the characters are everything. That's almost always a win in my book, and I enjoyed the movie, but I would like to watch it again sometime, as I feel like I got lost a bit along the way.

At 9 pm, I figured it was high time to get to work, so I sat down with the intent of finishing the short story. I wrote for about 2 hours, getting in more than 3000 words and finally wrapping up the story after a whopping 53 pages. I have some definite edits I want to do, and I'll work on them tomorrow night with the hope of posting the story for your reading pleasure late tomorrow or, at the latest, sometime Tuesday. I'll leave the story up for a week, at which point I'll pull it, slap my cover on it, and get it up for sale.

If things go according to plan, I should have another story up next week, and every week thereafter. I hope the next one is a bit shorter, though. this was way longer than I expected. It almost could have been a novel if I'd taken it a different way. When it's done, I expect that I'll chop around 10 pages off, which still leaves me with a 12,000 word short story.

I'm very happy with how this first week has gone. I still have to work on getting the exercise thing down, but as far as writing, it's worked out very well. I've gained stamina and feel like my writing chops came back and improved as the week progressed. I averaged more than 2000 words of fiction a day, boosted by the 7000 words I wrote the last two days, but still, it' been a solid and productive week.

This week, I'll work on the next story, work on the cover for the first story, and try to get a bunch of school work done early as the end of the semester nears. I'll continue to blog every night, and my goal is still simple: at least 1000 words a day.

I hope you all enjoyed this first week as much as I did.

See you tomorrow.

Fiction word count tonight - 3304
Fiction word count April - 15904
Blog word count tonight - 592
Blog word count April - 5400