Thursday, April 6, 2017


Today was a bit of a down day, which was nice. I got to sleep in a bit, ended up cancelling my haircut this morning because I was working on a problem with the mobile site for the blog and lost track of time, and instead spent some time reading and doing some school work to get a jump on the day. Then, I actually took the time to watch some Netflix. I'm almost done with the horribly reviewed Iron Fist series by Marvel, and I don't think it's as terrible as people say. It's not up to the standard of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but it gets the job done without feeling like Kung Fu.

After that, I did some more homework and went for a 30 minute walk, because it was too nice out to go to the gym. I haven't done any exercise in a few months either, so I didn't want to rush over to the gym this week and start trying to pick up lifting and jogging where I left off, end up injuring myself, and put exercise off even longer. I'm easing into it this week, and I'll ramp it up slowly next week.

I came home and sat down to read. I almost got to the end of Lock In by John Scalzi, which I just
started on Saturday, but ran out of time and had to get to school for a lecture on ethics in college athletics in lieu of my English class tonight. I was disappointed. The book is an excellent and quick read, a near-future sci-fi thriller that kept my interest, and I wanted to know how it would end. I resigned myself to finishing it after school tonight.

The lecture was alright. The speaker was Jack Ford, who has an extensive resume as an attorney, journalist, and sports guy who has a gig as the sports columnist for 60 Minutes and is on ESPN quite a bit, whenever the law and sports intersect. He gave a good presentation about ethics and the problems of money and the perceived exploitation of college athletes, and then he opened the floor up for questions and discussion. I thought things got a bit dull from there on out, as no one was very prepared with any insightful points or questions, but Mr. Ford kept the discussion moving and did his best to elucidate on whatever people brought up.

I got home, had some dinner with the wife while we watched Bar Rescue (guilty pleasure - I love that show), and then sat down to finish a school project and write up a reaction to Colm Toibin for class. Once I'd finished that, I decided to play some Rocket League before I wrote more of the short story. Played 6 games, lost 2, streamed it, and then transitioned the stream over to the creative writing time.

The story is coming along well, and I'm aware of what I want to clean up almost as soon as I write it. There are silly things, like overuse of the word "pretty" as in "pretty good" or "pretty sure." Then there are just parts that are drawn out and can be reduced for better writing and effect. I'm resisting the urge to edit as I go, though, because I've made that mistake for years. It's why I have so much trouble finishing anything. Better to get the damn thing written and then clean it up after.

Now that I'm done with that, I'm going to read a bit. I finished the last chapter of Lock In while my wife was making dinner, and started a book my friend, Joe, gave me last year. It's called Smith of Wootton Major/Farmer Giles of Ham and collects a couple of stories by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's about 150 pages, so I'll most likely finish it tomorrow. That will be the tenth book I've read this year, which puts me a bit behind pace on my Goodreads challenge of 101 books read in 2017, but I know I'll catch up over the summer when I have less school work to occupy my time.

That's all for tonight. Tomorrow, I have school all day, but I shouldn't have too much homework in the evening, so I'm hoping to get in a longer writing session, or maybe a split session, and finish up the story, which I'd guess has about 2-3k words left in it. 4k tops. If nothing changes, that's my goal for tomorrow night,a dn then I plan on spending some time this weekend cleaning it up and putting it up here on Monday for my first ever Free Fiction Monday.

Fiction Word Count today - 1410
Fiction Word Count April - 6014
Blog Word Count Today - 809
Blog Word Count April - 3405

Oh, I also wrote over 1000 words of school papers tonight, and about 3000 this week so far, but I'm not counting that.